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With the Mooki recorder, you can make quick, quality video presentations whenever and wherever you want. Just open the app and start recording your first Mooki - it’s that easy! Already have a ready-made Powerpoint? Copy it straight into your Mooki and use it as a guide.

How to Record a Mooki


Finished filming your scenes? Enrich and clarify them by adding layers of content: keywords, pictures, interactive links, questions, bullet points - you name it. The Mooki Editor was designed with an emphasis on workflow and simplicity, making it easy to use for absolutely anyone.

How to Edit a Mooki


Now it's time to pick your audience and send your completed Mooki into the world, using the Mooki Player. Make your Mooki public or keep it private, and embed it wherever you want. If you’re not satisfied on later viewing, don’t worry! Changes can easily be made, without having to delete or re-share your Mooki.

How to Share a Mooki

Mooki platform

A fast and easy way to share your Mookies.

Some public Mookies

Field work Cameroon 2016

Created by Roy Erkens (Maastricht university)
26 scenes

De relatie tussen mens en dier

Created by Maarten Reesink (Uva)
7 scenes

MDF training Managing Development for Projects & Programmes (MDPP)

Created by Rhodé de Graaf (MDF)
5 scenes

KM3NeT: penetrator mounting

Created by Daan van Eijk (Mooki)
6 scenes

Digitale piekertraining

Created by Remco Timpaan (timpaanonderwijs)
1 scenes

Nova red

Created by Pharmacokinetics, Toxicology and Targeting (Mooki)
18 scenes
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